CPD Staff Management Cloud

Simple, easy & customisable. The CPD Staff Management Cloud

is a simple and cost effective way to monitor staff

development and recording of

continuing professional development (CPD)..

Measuring Staff Development

Measuring your staff learning and development can be almost impossible. You send your staff on costly training, but how do you measure their learning and how this will impact your business. Simple CPDCloud Staff Management Portal, This simple and intuitive system allows your staff to record their learning, upload their learning material and certificates and allow you to measure the learning impact on your business.

Corporate Responsibility

Managing your staff using the Staff CPD Cloud enables you to monitor and manage staff development whilst ensuring that continuing professional development is active in your workplace. CPDme will assist you in setting the standard for corporate responsibility including sustainable, affordable development delivery.

Meeting Standards

Using the staff CPD Cloud Manager with your employees will assist in meeting the required standards of governing agencies and standard charters for professional development. CPDcloud are specialists in helping organisations become accountable and responsible when it comes to employee development,

Manage Effortlessly

Our CPD Cloud Manager can be customised to feature over 50 different solutions to help manage your staff development. Our basic platform allows of core feature can be added to as your business grows.

Fully Customisable Staff Report Page

Have your management cloud look exactly as you want it. Our staff can use one of our 5 set templates or design one specifically for your brand. Sound expensive? Customised clouds start from only £99.00 for 10 people.


Training Gaps

At a quick glance, the CPD diary matrix lets you see how each member of your staff is progressing and identifies gaps in their learning and development. Don’t wait til it’s too late to find out staff hasn’t read that important update.

Start Now

Using the CPD Cloud Manager you can access and manage your staff from any PC or Mac connected to the internet. No technical software or downloads needed.

Alerts & Reminders

Never miss an important update, probation review or training event. One of the available features tracks all key dates, emails and activity within our system. This alerts you and your management team in advance if your staff don’t read and then update their CPD Diary or Profile with the required mandatory bulletin..

Work smart, Achieve More

With the CPD Cloud Manager you can quickly identify the individuals achieving the required development goals. Each staff report comes with analytical data about the staff’s personal development, activities and events attended.


Ready to Go?

Depending on the size of your organisation, your personalised CPD Cloud Manager can be up and running in less than 72 hours. Contact us for a personalised quote or to discuss the available features on our CPD Cloud Management Platform.

Simple Intuitive Solutions

Our design and programmers work hard to make our solutions simple, gamified and more improtantly easy to access. Our programmers ensure that no matter what device you access our soolutions, they appear perfect everytime on desktop, mobile, tablets and your BIG screen TV

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Our staff document and video tracker allows your staff or students to access bulletins and documents on the move via a web-based platform. You also have a management dashboard that can track who has read the bulletins, watched the videos and engaged with your updates. This simple and intuative system is used daily and is a great way to support your staff in agile and remote workplaces.

We Make our Solutions Work With Your Team!

When we design and present our solutions to you. We Always ensure that your system is functional and ready for the end users to interact. One of the great things about CPDcloud is that we will ensure that your system is operational and always ready to keep staff engaged.

If required, our systems training team will arrange a video webinar so that your staff or students have a good understanding of your solution and more importantly use the platform as intended. Just ask our team about our video / webinar presentations.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Our solutions are sometimes copied, but they can never offer the professional and consulting service that we have worked hard to achieve over the last 10 years. We don’t just have an innovative IT team, we have a team of health, social care, and academic professionals to lead them and ensure that your project is delivered exactly to your specifications and more importantly on time!

Interested in a peek?

Simply enter your details and one of our project team will be in touch soon to offer a free demonstration of how our Staff CPD Cloud works.

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